The Brabender Group

Logistics is our world.

This sentence was worded by Mr. Thomas Brabender, who is the owner and chief executive of various BRABENDER group companies, for its strategic orientation. For the past 18 years, numerous IT solutions for the logistics industry have been developed under his leadership. Being a former shipping agent, a graduate in trade and transport, who has additionally acquired extensive experience in the field of Software and IT, qualify him as an interdisciplinary expert in logistics. With his experience, he can identify trends at an early stage, which he then incorporates into our solutions and products.

A competent team of over 30 experts from different areas now takes care of implementing your requirements. We believe in our motto: nothing is impossible.

Together we can achieve great things. Do make use of an experienced partner that stands by you and our products, proven in the field. Choose us to control your business economically, flexibly and securely in your market environment.

BRABENDER combines all this expertise under one roof ...

Software manufacturer

We offer products for your logistical requirements. As a manufacturer of innovative software solutions, we combine user aspects with technology aspects and put our know-how into standardised and modern software solutions. This is done with the objective of providing you with flexible, powerful and easy to use software solutions to support you in your daily work.

Experts & consultants

We want the best. Be it while introducing our software projects into your existing company philosophy as a consultant, supporting our existing clients or as an independent software consultant.
All our employees have many years of practical experience in logistics and IT. Our slogan “the logistics software people” demonstrates our heritage and passion!

Manufacturers of telematics hardware

A one-stop-service. From the layout of the board right up to the development of the firmware, devices are made by our team of engineers itself. The product basket includes trucks, trailers as well as mobile employees.
The objective is to create an effective control on the communication between vehicle data, driver and dispatcher with our devices.
As a white label manufacturer, we provide our technologies to other companies as well. Numerous telemetry solutions today operate using our technologies.


The world is a village ...

... and we are working in the same village.

We protect the environment and reduce travel costs for you by using modern conferencing technologies. We conduct training and online meetings from the workplace itself with this intention.

... Sometimes you do need to conduct on-site meetings.

we can easily initiate on-site meetings in D-A-CH regions (Germany, Austria & Switzerland) since our employees are natives of these regions.




Your partner for innovative software solutions and professional support compromising marketed software products.

Location Switzerland

Telephone +41 41 7545800


BRABENDER Solutions GmbH
Gewerbestr. 5a
CH-6314 Unterägeri (Zug)

Location Germany

Telephone +49 211 4174100

Germany central

BRABENDER Solutions GmbH
Ringstr. 5c
D-41747 Viersen

Germany south

BRABENDER Solutions GmbH
Blarerstr. 32
D-78462 Konstanz


Location Finland

Telephone +358 94 2726910

BRABENDER Solutions Oy
Tulikukankuja 4
FI-50600 Mikkeli

Other companies of BRABENDER group...


Your partner for efficient telematic solutions and professional support. The best way to monitor your resources and capture operational data.

Gewerbestrasse 5a
CH-6314 Unterägeri (Zug)

BRABENDER & Partners

Your business consultant. Our competent and practically oriented team compromises of experienced logisticians, management experts and software developers. In this particular way knowledge of future trends and practical experience is united.

BRABENDER & Partners GmbH
Gewerbestrasse 5a
CH-6314 Unterägeri (Zug)


With our own financing company we enable the leasing of hardware and software systems.

Gewerbestrasse 5a
CH-6314 Unterägeri (Zug)


Manufacturers of BRABENDER standard products and research and development centre for individual solutions based on BRABENDER framework. 

Gewerbestrasse 5a
CH-6314 Unterägeri (Zug)


As a holding company we invest in new business areas and innovative technologies.

Gewerbestrasse 5a
CH-6314 Unterägeri (Zug)