BRABENDER control it

The software for transparency in your organization

The "BRABENDER control it" is a tool for logistics experts, and ensures planning and control. Company figures and area codes can be displayed right into a report cockpit. Depending on authorisations, you can make sensitive information available from the management cockpit to the cockpit of the department head, dispatchers or marketing. You are thus allowed to implement selective transparency with your employees.

A centralized system for all data sources in your company.

The "BRABENDER control it"has been developed as an independent product for modern analysis and evaluation in logistics. A flexible joining-technology allows the integration of CSV files, Excel files and connection to almost all databases. The result is a one complete system consisting of various software systems at your disposal.

Planning data

Planning data

Do you presently have planning data in your Excel sheet and would you like to use it to compare your operational data? In this case, just connect your Excel planning data with your company control. You can convert your monthly data into daily data with this integrated distribution technology.

Operational data from your shipping software 

Do you handle your daily business with software and wish to manage the data in a centralised system? We can integrate the data into a central controlling system provided the software products which you use are open systems. In case the data or data quality is not satisfactory, corrections or even recalculations can be incorporated into the system directly.

Data from your finance department and cost accounting

Data from financial accounting may be integrated to get a complete view of your organisation. Profitability, liquidity and even open tasks flow directly into a centralised management system. You are thus always up to date.

Data from fleet administration

Do you operate a fleet of vehicles? Data from this business area is an important cost factor for many logistics and transport companies. In this case, it is advisable to include the performance of your resources, repair costs, working hours of employees, fuel level and toll data with controlling. Even here, data of different systems can be can integrated seamlessly.

Data from tenders 

Data from tenders

Mixed calculations based on shipping data of your customers are often a hot topic.  It starts with the plan. But what if the quantity structure specified does not correspond to reality? BRABENDER control it compares planned shipping quantity with actually shipped transport volumes. This way, you are always up-to-date on how a large customer order is being handled.

Compression and preparation

Compression and preparation

When information from different data sources are compared, adjusted, modified and combined, the task is given to the system integrated server software of BRABENDER control it. This gives you access to high quality controlling data with which you can take necessary steps to automate processing of the information.

Technologies for transparency in your company.

OLAP analysis technologies

With our powerful business intelligence, for short BI, technologies, data compromising many years can be analysed in a matter of seconds. Even highly complex BI projects can be realised in a very short time by means of tools that facilitate easy creation of the OLAP cube.

In Memory - analysis technologies

In order to integrate various data sources into an assessment in a very short time, we have integrated this analysis technology into the system. Any data sources can be combined and summarised for an evaluation.

Server automation

The "BRABENDER control it" -server automates data collection and processing. Data and evaluations are thus provided to you at the same instant. Integrated scripting possibilities allow flexible implementation of extensive tasks.